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Millionaire Turn-Offs


I’m usually more interested in millionaire turn-on’s rather than millionaire turnoffs; but for every poison there is an antidote in nature, so too there must be in dating and in dating profiles. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what turns men on, but not so much what turns them off since I have a tendency through close observation to sense the turnoffs and move away from them immediately.

So I decided to ask some millionaire men. Actually I started by listening to them volunteer information, then I began to ask them questions. Despite being on seekingmillioniare.com and other millionaire dating sites, some men have told me that they really do not like the focus that women have on money. Of course this begs the question, why are they on a millionaire dating site? It seems they know that the idea they are millionaires will attract more women. However, they would prefer it not be at the forefront of the conversation, so it would be recommended to be a little more subtle about determining a man’s net worth. Remember, he can tell you anything over the phone or in email. It is patient listening and a solid line of subtle questions not related to money that will tell you more about the pocketbook and how he feels about it and uses it, than any blurting you might have on your mind. Develop a skill set.

It is also very clear that millionaire men do not take women who load their profile with close-up, professional photos of themselves wearing lingerie or bikini’s as seriously as they take women who are elegant, classy and have something to say. If that is what you are leading with, expect to be treated as if it is a dominant part of your value. Also come with the understanding that our physical bodies tire over time and you had best bring a little more to the table if you want to relationship with a millionaire match. Some men have mentioned a beach shot of in bikini, but I have to say from experience, when it comes to meeting quality men, wealthy or not, I never, ever lead with a semi-naked photo. If you really do not mind being treated as arm-candy, by all means, keep the bikini’s; but if you want to attract a really good man, don’t put it out there for every guy to see… it takes ‘special’ out of the equation.

Men, even smart millionaire men, do not want to read your CV or Resume. They complain about this to me all of the time! They also do not want to read some copied profile that looks like every other girls. Keep it short, slightly sexy and intriguing. Offer a ‘call to action’ somewhere in it (a subtle one please).

And finally, the biggest complaint of them all: Men hate surprises of the unpleasant kind. You cannot trick a man into falling in love with you by deceiving him about your age or your weight. Do not do it! Millionaire men are actually more willing to look beyond the physical to find a great match because their mate needs to be able to work well with them and as a partner at events, social and business. Ironically, it is more common for men of lower financial stature to want a woman of higher physical beauty without the other attributes. Something to be aware of; do not be afraid to be smart. Most smart men find brainy women sexy, alluring and compelling when the word feminine is added.


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  1. Kate says:

    I wish you know how to date millionaire in Moscow, Russia =))

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Yes, it is hard. There are not so many, but they are there. You must figure the order for which you can connect with the man you want to meet. Start with the outer circle of employees, friends and associates. Make yourself useful and work your way in. Read a lot. Spend your time self educating so you can talk about many topics and have knowledge that allows people to connect with you! Let me know how this goes.

  2. great post! I am glad to read this post.

  3. Robert says:

    As a British, single, self generated business guy certainly not new to ‘sugar’ or compensated dating in both western and eastern (asia) societies I found your article of interest, thanks.

    I am only evaluating this site atm, as to whether it is worth even the small investment. I am looking from the position of someone who has successfully advertised through general ‘personal’ ads for younger female ‘sugar’ partners for more than a decade, and had several great short and medium term arrangements.

    I don’t necessarily agree with your assumption that a successful man who likes visual ‘arm-candy’ style girls or would be attracted by bikini or revealing photos is by definition not a ‘good man’. Some of us are more intensely visual in our preferences for companions than others are, and I always state mine clearly in any advert. However looking through this site it is clear that many women have not really made much of an effort on profile content, or on selection of the photos that might do them justice.

    I don’t think it’s body exposure content that turns me off, far from it, but poor photo quality, photos with other friends in them taken in bars which were just snapped by ‘mates’ while drunk, don’t really come across well. That said, a Pro ‘studio’ photo usually means it’s likely to be fake, stolen off the net or is only how the woman looks with a lot of professional preparation leading to your ‘unpleasant surprise’.

    My turn offs, so to speak, include :

    – women replying to adverts without mentioning a shred of my content or indicating how they fit my stated preferences in any way whatsoever.
    – women responding who are clearly well outside of my stated age range, often by a decade, and whose profiles are clearly nothing like my advertised preferences.

    Unless a reply indicates to me someone has read my profile fully (more than once) and thought about it, and made a conscious decision to reply to me indicating why my ideas suit them and how they might meet them at least even in brief, then as far as I am concerned this is just ‘spam’.

    With regard to your comments about focus on money I am actually proactive and keen from the start to be as open as possible about this and always have erred on the generous side rather than ‘her’ minimum. I do however find it a turn off to encounter those young women who are so ‘immersed/lost’ in the whole ‘Seeking Millionaire’ style group; the jargon, comparing financial numbers, that you feel like they are just ‘professional’ SD/Millionaire Man seekers. Women running it like a mail shot business, non empathic, cold, calculating and mechanical machine-like operation isn’t rewarding from the male viewpoint.

    I own and direct businesses and am as familiar with hard negotiation as the next man but I don’t want that to flavour my dealings with a prospective girlfriend to the extent that it seems like she is interviewing me, with a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude based simply on mechanical ‘business’ factors.

    When I am seeking a new arrangement I don’t see myself as part of an ‘industry’ with specific rules and customs and take pains to look for girls who not only fit my precisely stated needs but understand them and show empathy to them, and act as basic good friends, charming companions and willing adventure partners, as I expect to do with them.

    I want to clearly know, discuss and evolve the best overall support package for each specific girl yes, but if a girl overly focusses only on her need for money alone, she chooses to devolve the process down to not much more than the eqivalent of a hard business contract. I think this is poor advice. By all means ladies be professional and do research, but there’s a fine line between coming over as expressing your realistic needs and seeming like ‘the world owes me a living cos I’m beautiful, so I don’t have to make any effort, just drive a bargain’

    I have occasionally encountered girls online who make you feel ‘any man will do provided they can hit my numbers’ etc.. and I think this makes them too much hassle to even bother with.

  4. Elaine says:

    Hey Robert, I found your comment interesting. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  5. Krissy says:

    Robert darling, You need to skype with the women. Writting just isn’t enough. Just sayin;)

  6. jing says:

    ilike your comments alot. i want a husband though but i want a good future for my future kids if ill be granted to have some. but i want to fall inlove and im 24 i feel like im getting old and i want to settle down too. im sick and tired of always looking. a rich guy so he can be with me literally and we can really get to know each other well. i want him rich so he can take me to whereever he will be. i dont care if you will make me sign a prenup. just want to have a rich husband thats sexy for me lol. i just want to be loved needed cherished and respected.

  7. Julia says:

    I am talking to a guy with money…he is arrogant about it..but i really don’t care that he has money. I really like him for his personality, and his looks. I feel as though he may think because i come from a family of not having a lot of money, that I am interested in him for that reason. He brings up his business and money a few times and I get really intimidated by it. I don’t know how to feel more confident around him in that sense.

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