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Millionaire’s: How to Date Them


They’re no different from the rest us, so why are they so damn sexy?

Oh, that’s right, snagging a mill

ionaire husband is one non-stop ticket to financial security, duh! And if money’s not enough to sway your heart, than 9 times out of 10, the man who made it, is.

How to find a millionaire lover

Create your “attractive” profile on SeekingMillionaire, and then the fun begins. It starts with your profile; my quick advice: Be intentional. Let them know who you are without being too wordy, they’ll want to have a few things left to ASK you about if they decide to contact you.

Don’t sit back and wait for the line to bite, go out and reel ’em in. It’s a matter of numbers on a certain level – the more potential matches you contact, the greater the chance that one of them will respond. Let’s be honest; there’s quite a bit of competition when it comes to dating millionaires, so being quick to spot areas of improvement on your profile is a must. Are your pictures clear? Is your profile welcoming, or intimidating? Well, that’s all my advice for now, and I say “advice” simply because in my opinion, if I could have ‘taken’ it before I started my millionaire love quest, I would have đŸ˜‰

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