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Mood Music for Lovers
  • Posted Aug 26, 2014


With the MTV Video Music Awards coming to a close over the weekend, it seems like music has been everywhere.  From Nicki Minaj to Ed Sheeran, we’ve heard it all…or have we?  Popular music is great for social gatherings, but what about when it’s just you and your partner?

Music sets the mood for date night.  Music can either make or break a date night. you don’t want to get down to “Anaconda” while preparing a meal for your loved one, or jam out to “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal” on the way to a five-star restaurant.  Okay, maybe you do, but not on the first few dates.

Similar music interests can either make or break a date, so play something you both can enjoy.  I have selected three albums that are neutral, modern, and palatable to (most) music lovers.  Let’s take a listen.

Option One: Fig & Olive – The Music Collection

Best for: an evening shared at home

Admittedly, this album is a bit of a cheat as it is a pre-set compilation.  However, one must not discount preset mixtapes when considering tunes for a date.  Compilations typically stick to one theme and allow listeners to hear a variety of voices without switching the overall tone.

Modeled after the famed restaurant of the same name, the Fig & Olive music collection is refined and fun.   Filled with mostly music that has been released within the past few years, this 16 track collection takes the listener to a crispy California evenings while maintaining an allure that carries throughout all seasons.

The Fig & Olive Music Collection samples many genres, which provides an excellent segway for discussion of music.  Consider your partner’s preferences and surprise them by playing their selection on the next date.  Enjoy a glass of vino paired with decadent appetizers for this mood setter.

Option Two: Rhye – Woman

Best for: an excursion

10 tracks of silky-smooth laid-back music, Rhye is the modern listener’s answer to Sade.  Released in 2013, iTunes has described the album as a “danceable melange of brass and synthetic strings.”

Unique in titling the album “Woman,” Rhye features the androgynous vocal of Michael Milosh.  Milosh, who performs regularly as a solo artist has said that the intention of Rhye is “to pay tribute to this type of world-tilting romantic experience.”  With Rhye, your date will be impressed and inspired by your selection.

“Woman” pairs well with almost any setting but the acoustics provide an excellent backdrop for a short road trip or day at the beach.

Option Three: You

Best for: whenever

No, I’m not encouraging you to record an album on your own.  You should, however, create an appropriate playlist for your date.  Nothing reads as Gentleman’s Quarterly like a man who knows his music.

Creating your own mix is an awesome way to expose a unique side of your personality.  However, one must remember to select appropriate tunes, which may result in excluding guilty pleasures like “Baby Got Back.”

Once you and your partner are accustomed to each other’s musical tastes, try exploring music activities. This could mean taking in a jazz session in the park, a music festival, or listening to vinyl records. Music can be a gateway to igniting new passions with each other.

What music do you typically play on the first date?

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