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Photo Frustration!

10 years ago
Photo Frustration!

Am I the only one confused about when to send, and when not to send photos?

I’ve met a lot of interesting guys that don’t like putting photos in their profiles. They usually say they’ll be willing to sen

d me a photo first, but sometimes they ask me to send additional photos (outside of the ones already posted on my profile) BEFORE they even send me one.
Is it natural for me hesitate sending a guy my photo, when he hasn’t had the brevity of putting at least one up of himself? Duh, the answer is no, haha. It does get a little bothersome though, especially when the conversation (via messaging) has already started.

I’ve been messaging with one of the millionaires on the site, and he’s very, very discreet. I really want to move forward with him, but I don’t think I’m ready to be “surprised” by his appearance. Does anyone have any advice for me here?- Sarah
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  1. HunnyBabe says:

    Hey, i totally understand what ur saying…i think people specially guys on this site should be willing to send a pic or 2(at least) before meeting, i’ve had 2 bad experiences when it comes to that…Once i started chatting with this guy, he was super nice and everything, i contacted him because i liked what i saw in his profile so anyways, we were chatting and talking for a few weeks, but he never sent me his pic, he told me it was for privacy reasons but he told me not to worry i wasnt gonna be dissapointed, his profile said “athletic”, and it said he was 6’2″, so i was all excited, i asked him if he worked out, he said yes almost every day (lol), anyways everything seemed super cool, when time came to meet him i was all excited and when we met…MAN!!! he was a lot shorter than 6’2” and he certainly wasn’t athletic at all… and hey!!that’s ok, there’s we’re all different and we all like different things right? and i have nothing against it at all, i believe we all come in different packages and sizes, but why lie?? i mean if he wouldnt have lied i wouldn’t have lost so much time, and don’t get me wrong, i just know what i want and what i like…and probably for him too, he could’ve moved on and find somebody who likes a guy like him…Im just saying, guys be honest about ur apareance!!!! And send pics!!!Because that’s another thing, a lot of the men here want us to send them a ton of pics and they only wanna send u one or none…Sendin fake pics, or lying about the way u look makes us(or at least me) wonder, why do u lie?, and if ur not beautiful enough and smart enough to let THAT gain our heart?…

    Just a lil thought 😉

    HB xxx

  2. HunnyBabe says:


  3. MnM says:

    Hey gurl,

    I totally hear you and know where you are coming from. We have tons of people on this website who want to see our all kind of photographs without even sending one of theirs. And when it comes to meeting them, they will make sure to ask for 10 more fotographs to drool over you or to make EVEN more sure even if you have already sent them few which are not taken in studio. This is such a turn off. And in my experience, these are unsure guys and they have been a waste of time to meet with. I have encountered all kind of men, who makes you wonder whether they are interested or not after sending them emails, coz they dont reply, men who talks nice and about millions and makes you send your photographs, and some jerks who is on this site only coz they have tons of time to chat and keeping wanting your photograph but never want to meet you in real.

    Most of all men who reason tht- you plz send me urs and i will send u mine as soon as i get to office or home, becoz i dont have a pic in my computer. (Oh Jeez, gimme a break). Wont you have atleast a single pic in your outbox?

    My piece of advice- Ask him all possible qs and see ur basic compatibility before u send a pic. If he is insisting on ur pic and not willing to offer his pic- he is not worth you. Let go of him and go to the next profile. Atleast, for me, I have as much respect to loose as he does. His looks is as important to me (at minimal he should carry well and take care of his body) as mine is to him.

    Good Luck all,

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