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Riches are a girls best friend

9 years ago
Riches are a girls best friend

I’m again at a millionaire crossroads…

I was messaging a guy from France this morning, and we kept

going back and forth about the intellectual concepts surrounding money and marriage. He was pretty insistant that if I had any desire for his money whatsoever, than it means I am not internally developed enough to embark on a relationship with him.

Ya know… he’s right. But guess what? W’ere in two totally different worlds. He hasn’t had to struggle through the last 8 hears of you know who here in the states, and frankly I wear that struggle as a badge of honor.

My American generation really got the bad end of the stick. 9/11 happend during my first year of High School, and after that, all those nice 90’s era college scholarships seemed to dissapear.

So, the guy’s right: I’m not developed enough to look only at the thoughts and heart of a potential husband… I never had the chance to let my guard down, or the security of knowing that all exterior needs, such as money – would be taken care of.

Not beating around the bush, save one Bush ripe for a good beating.

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