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Sarah Heads to L.A


(comedy show at the kodak this weekend, should be fun…)

I’m headed out to L.A for the weeken


Damion (my sd) is taking me to a couple shows in L.A this weekend. I’ve never been to the Kodak theater, so it should be nice to see what all the fuss is about.

I’ve been getting a few more messages than usual from guys here lately. One actually lives in L.A, so I might sneak away with him and have a dinner date.

I guess I’m having an OK day self-esteem wise. I find that dating for a millionaire is kind of nerve wrecking if your not already confident about yourself, and what you have to offer a millionaire.

I’m not the hottest girl on here, but I guess no ‘one’ really is. I really liked the post stephan wrote on the seekingarrangement site today. He gives some good advice- and I’ve taken use of it already. My pictures are getting a little dated, so I’m bringing my digital camera to L.A in hopes of snagging some good ‘spontaneous’ pics.

OK, I’m gonna take the last shower I’ll have in San Francisco for 3 days. I hope everyone’s doing well. Does anyone have any advice on how to take a good profile pic? Should “hot” be the first thing I should go for in my pics, or should I play up my ‘class’ and dignity on a site like this- or both? Any advice any of you have would be great.



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