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Sarah is Tired but Not Giving Up


(There is nothing better than being sequestered in your house for 4 days straight and ordering take out or delivery, hehe, only if there’s a treadmi

ll nearby :) )

Hi all, sorry it’s been a while

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to poke in and give a brief update. I am so tired right now, I spent the last 3 hours paying picture tag with a seeking millionaire guy. He’s hot. Well, I’ve been fighting with Damion lately, and I’m definitely ready to make some other arrangements, either here, IDEALLY here- as I would like to fall in love now :) OR on Seeking Arrangement (wouldn’t mind a sugar daddy either).

HunnyBabe: How ya doin girl? I hope all is well and your millionaire dating quest is going well. Miss you 😀

Buttercup: Hey! Just asking you what I asked HunnyBabe- how are things going for you here? I can say this at least: this online dating thing has it’s way of keeping me occupied!

Kisses to all :)


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