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Seeking Millionaire is improving

7 years ago
Seeking Millionaire is improving

What is all the commotion?

Let’s be real, all of the users on this site are either living or desire to live the millionaire lifestyle. But not everyone agrees… Does

being a millionaire girlfriend mean luxury shopping? traveling and fine dining? Does being a millionaires girlfriend, enables a life of enjoyment? living in a Huge mansion and taking a Sunday drive in the luxury car of your dreams? Is there anything beyond money, status, and gifts that appeals you about dating a millionaire?

How it’s working out

Seeking Millionaire is gaining thousands of new members every single day! and hundreds of thousands of active members online daily. There are so many beautiful women that no other website can top our 8 to 1 women to men ratio. Thats right! we aren’t named “The best fishing hole” for no reason. The New York Times couldn’t fathom on how many gorgeous women used our website, well women are 100% free. The New York Times insisted on featuring our website to let the “wealthy men” know where they need to find their next date. Since then we have had dozens of interviews conducted with big names such as Playboy, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and The Times.

Big Changes For Seeking Millionaire!

Patiently waiting for, with excitement building up, the first launch of the NEW Seeking Millionaire design. I have been in touch with the designers and got the inside scoop on the whole project! Although I would love to share it with everyone, I cant. I know what a bummer, but I can tell you this! We will be integrating more with users on Facebook & Twitter @SeekingMil.

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  1. MysteryLady says:

    It’s interesting that the site changes have finally come into play. It’s very different from the old template!

    Enjoy using the site.

  2. Myra says:

    i’ts interesting site
    and diferent from others

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