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Simple, Yet Significant: A Gentleman’s Guide to Subtlety
  • Posted May 23, 2013

5 years ago
Simple, Yet Significant: A Gentleman’s Guide to Subtlety

Change is difficult for anyone. Yes, you may be wealthy and successful, but a millionaire without manners will always have difficulty in truly attracting the opposite sex.

Often times, women complain about the death of chivalry. While embodying a gentleman is a lifelong pursuit, here are some natural ways to become impressionable with minimal effort.

Second Place Finishes First

Always allow the woman to act first. When you first enter the restaurant, hold the door open and let her enter first. When the waiter arrives at your table, let her order first. Sharing dessert? Let her enjoy the last bite. And when you finally leave the restaurant, let her enter the cab first.

Swift to Hear, Slow to Speak

If something excites you, or you feel very strongly about a certain subject, you should never be quick to reply. A hasty response is often laden with emotion, and an emotional response is often followed by regret. Learn to listen first, and then speak. This is especially true during your first date. After all, a first impression is a lasting one.

Avoid the Autobiography

Provide details about yourself, but only at her discretion. A real gentleman listens first, then acts. If you talk about yourself excessively, you will only be viewed as arrogant.

The Most Valuable Virtue

Lana Turner once said, “A gentleman is a patient wolf.” Yes, we all have desires. But it is those who are patient that will become rewarded. Never seem overeager, as it reeks of desperation. Treat a woman with respect, make sure she is first, and listen. Follow these three values, and your patience will prove beneficial.



What are other simple ways to become more gentlemanly?

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