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So You Want to Date a Millionaire?


Forbes 400 just came out and prospects are looking good. But, not every woman is cut out to date a successful man. Don’t get me wrong; every woman deserves to find someone who knows her worth. However, to date a millionaire a woman must possess qualities that can add value to his life.

Here’s a check list we created that can help assess if you are millionaire dating material:

1. If plans change, how easy can you adapt?

Millionaires and successful men are notorious for shifting schedules. Not because they lack understanding or thoughtfulness, but because many opportunities present themselves at a moments notice. If he cancels your trip to Monaco because his company just landed a big wig account, don’t give him a hard time. Trust that he already has the rescheduling in mind. After all, flaking on commitments does not build success in business or love.


2. Are you easily bored?

Let’s be real here. Some successful men lead hyper-exciting lives. However, there will be less-than-thrilling events in his life that he is required to attend. You have to be willing to accompany him. That is part of the role of any partner. Skip out on too many events that disinterest you, and risk losing him to someone who charms him with her ability to turn a dreary fundraising event into best night of the year.


3. Where do your politics lie?

Successful men land on all sides of the political spectrum. It is important that you hold fast to your beliefs. However, if you do not possess the social or communication skills to differentiate between a discussion and a debate, then you will struggle. Successful men love mental stimulation, as mush as they do the physical kind. What they don’t want is a headache. Take a gander at how Reese Witherspoon navigated and climbed the ladder of society in Vanity Fair.

This is the first of a series of five blogs to test your millionaire-dating material. How did you do in this first round?

What do you think it takes to date a millionaire?

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