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Sparking Creativity


Groundbreaking ideas don’t stem from boring people. Success is rooted in perseverance and creativity. Before you can find a like-minded partner, fostering your own visions will provide the foundation for a strong relationship.

Creativity is not only coming up with original ideas, it’s also about forming connections between existing ideas. This is great news, since you can easily build other valuable traits like curiosity, and a desire to push the envelope to invoke career success. Maybe you’re not the next Steve Jobs, but here are some simple ways you can get inspired.

Learn to cook

People who say they can’t cook confuse me. How do they eat? Preparing food is a staple skill adults should hone. Not only does the ability to cook give you major points with your significant other, it is also proven to ignite the imagination. Pairing flavors and bringing new tastes into your life is a great way to learn about different culture, which can spark passion elsewhere. There are so many easy ways to get started, and plenty of tips online in case you’ve had trouble with kitchen mastery in the past.

Plan a trip

Organizing your next travel adventure is sure to get you excited. Learning about destinations unknown will light a fire for exploration. Your most valuable asset for planning is the Internet. With thousands of free travel sites, there is no need for a tourguide or agent. Even if you don’t end up going, the knowledge about other countries will be a great conversation point. Start with this quiz to find your perfect beach destination.

Embrace social media

If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest and StumbleUpon trains, then all aboard! These sites combine selected interests with the magical randomness of the Internet. Basically, these are resources of endless pinspiration.

Many people think Twitter has lost it’s legs, but the actuality is quite the contrary. The morning hours are the best time to look at your feed, since that is when posts are more positive. If you feel like there’s something missing, take a look at these amazingly successful social media campaigns from the archives.

Sleepy time

Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep is more than a suggestion, it’s science. Beauty rest is proven to not only improve mood, but also functionality. Hitting the sheets after midnight should be a weekend activity, since we need all our neurons active for thinking in the morning. Plus, being a morning person (or tricking yourself into being one) is a secret for savvy CEOs and businesspersons.

Pen and paper

Tablets, cell phones and PCs are readily replacing our pen and paper, often blocking the creative stream from flowing. Perhaps this comes as a shock, but learning and memory is dramatically improved when you physically write with a pen or pencil. While the keyboard provides more connection to creation than a tablet’s flat surface, there is nothing more meaningful for your brain than old fashioned pen and paper.

Disorderly conduct

A dirty place is not ideal for creativity, but some clutter can be beneficial. In general, messy environments are synonymous with breaking free of tradition. While a clean and organized environment is linked to productivity, keeping a little controlled chaos can kindle ideas. So leave out some magazines on the table, and make a killer vision board.

Becoming successful starts with what’s inside, namely your mind. Pick the right creative fruits and get the juices flowing.


What gets your creative juices flowing?


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