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Spring Cleaning For A Millionaire Date


A very happy girl emailed us this morning with news that she received 7 messages yesterday after uploading a few more pics and “spring cleaning” her page.

Though not all daters have good news to report. Yesterday, a very attractive African American woman wrote that she believes “there are a lot of racist men on the site” and that she can’t seem to find anyone interested in her. So I looked into her profile, and what did I find? She had just one picture and very little to say about herself.

I wrote back telling her that I too know how it feels to be rejected, but that she needed at least 3 pictures…”You are happy, attractive and successful. Your smile is magnetic, and you must let everyone SEE this. We humans are visual creatures, and painfully superficial on the 1st page view.” I told her.

It just so happens that she was the same girl who wrote me this morning, elated about the 7 messages she received after giving her profile a “little spring cleaning”.

I guess May’s a good month to grab the soap bucket, put on your rubber gloves and spruce up your profile.

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