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Starting a Millionaire Relationship


So you’re ready to get serious with a millionaire? Don’t be intimidated by his status, and erase the embedded thought in your brain that every millionaire jumps from woman to woman. There are plenty of genuine millionaires looking for monogamous relationships and SeekingMillionaire is the best place to find them. All you have to do is make a positive first impression.

State Your Motives

honest and upfrontIt’s important to be upfront with a millionaire. Let him know why you’re on the site and why you selected him over other members. Millionaires looking for long-term relationships are hoping to meet someone who is interested in them beyond their money.

Make sure you study their profile before agreeing to meet in person. Establish things you have in common, and come prepared to speak about them.

Don’t be a Gold Digger

Money isn’t everything. Yes he has it, but don’t let money signs replace the hearts in your eyes. Never make finances your initial topic of conversation on or offline. If he wants to talk about it, he’ll bring it up when he feels comfortable. Discuss your long-term goals and find out if your personalities are compatible.

Abide to His Schedule

work around his scheduleMillionaires are busy, that’s no secret. Most wealthy men are entrepreneurs, CEOs and lawyers. Unless they are retired or sold an empire, they’ll need to dedicate ample time to their thriving career. Dating a millionaire means you have to be both flexible and understanding when he needs to spend extra time at the office.

Avoid All Drama

Most importantly never blatantly state, “I hate drama and dramatic girls.” That’s an instant red flag for most gentlemen, and it usually means you’re part of the drama. Millionaires don’t have time for petty arguments or women that won’t better their lives. You need to be there to relieve his work concerns and be his beautiful counterpart.

Dress the Part

classy and fashionableFirst impressions are everything, so dress the part. You don’t have to spend hundreds on a new outfit just for the occasion, but take time picking through what you already own. Go for classic yet sexy looks. Try a form fitting pencil skirt, and the appropriate color for the season. Let him know you are the kind of woman he can take to expensive restaurants, performances and exclusive trips to the racetrack.

If you’re already messaging a millionaire on SeekingMillionaire, you’re on the right track. Remember, meeting in person could take things to the next level.Be ladylike and show him how you can make his life better each and everyday.

Have you successfully taken your relationship with a millionaire to the next level? If so, we’d love to hear your story.

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