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Sugar Daddy Picture Play


Picture tag is a big turn-off for sugar daddies and sugar babies alike.

Sending, receiving, posting, deleting…online dating photos have a way of creating lot’s of opportunity for communication…

Tho sometimes daters end up chatting more about photos or lack thereof than about each other.

“Did you get my pic”

“not yet. try sending it to my other email address”

“the one on your profile?”

“no, the same name but on hotmail”

This is just an example of the redundant photo chat thousands of daters experience every day.

This is not what sugar daddy dating is about. No one wants to waste their time checking and re-checking their inbox or visiting other sites to view photos.

Help avoid the headache by uploading clear, recent and cropped photos of yourself, the more gorgeous the better. If your communicating with someone who hasn’t posted a picture, ask them why. Just keep the conversation on the both of you, not the photo view. Good Dating!

6 Responses to “Sugar Daddy Picture Play”

  1. James says:

    Why am I not surprised by all the negative comments? Clearly you understand this better than anyone.

  2. Dating Sites For says:

    Lol! What is that??!

  3. Sabrina Fies says:

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  4. Валентин says:

    Интересно, а комменты которые не нравятся автору здесь стирают? :)

  5. Болеслав says:

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  6. Владимир Малкин says:

    В офисе так нудно было, хорошо что нашел ваш сайт. Читаю с огромным интересом:)

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