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The Ease of Online Dating
  • Posted Sep 30, 2014


Online dating is similar to “traditional dating.” You run many of the same risks associated with randomly engaging with someone on the web as you do in a bar or restaurant environment. The landscape of dating has changed drastically over the past few years; in fact, sometimes it seems that we’re now judged solely by our profile pictures. Fortunately, online dating has perks too—like the beginning of any relationship, it’s what you make it.

The First Move

On many dating sites, there is some sort of indicator of who might be interested in you based on looks or profile content. These allow for an easier communication process. If someone seems interested, you can just message them. You don’t have much to lose interacting through a computer screen. If your potential interest doesn’t message you back or “swipe right,” well … let’s be honest—there are hundreds of thousands of other profiles to sift through. Rejection here really isn’t that big of a deal. No one knows about it since it doesn’t happen in a public setting, and you can always send a message to the next person who is “online now.”

Social Skills (or Lack Thereof)

One may be at the right place, but at the wrong time. There are many times that I’ve spotted someone across the room and thought, “If only I were with the right group of people” or worse, “I’m just not in the mood to start a conversation with someone random right now.” Online dating allows you to communicate on your terms. You can type out a message first thing in the morning, or you can do it after two glasses of wine in the evening. Internet interaction can be awkward, but it can also allow for social ease.

Match Compatibility

No, I’m not talking about percentages. Many of us enter the dating processes with “must-haves” and “never will I evers,” and that’s okay. Your specifications are what make you you! It’s much easier to understand that things won’t work with someone who may be physically attractive but is someone you would never settle for based on match and profile compatibilities.

Streamlined Process

On sites like SeekingMillionaire, users are encouraged to be very clear about their expectations for a relationship. If you’re looking for someone to hang out with once in a while, indicate it. Conversely, if you’re looking for a serious 24/7 relationship, you should make that known as well. Additionally, plainly state your financial and lifestyle expectations. It is much easier—not to mention more honest—to make these things known right away, rather than having to figure out how to bring them up on a third or fourth date.

Even if it’s just a simple profile set up for fun on a silly site, you might find the potential rewards to be worth the risk. Remember: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Why not try a new venture?


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