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The Four Main Steps for Finding a Millionaire Mate


This is part one of an ongoing investigation of the following four concepts in finding a millionaire mate. Whether you want to find one to date or to marry, there are tried and true methods for reaching into the millionaire lifestyle. I have dated millionaires and billionaires and know many tricks of the trade, although I have to admit I stumbled into them unintentionally.

The four concepts for millionaire dating listed below come up often in many writings on the subject of rich-mate seeking. However, you should pay attention because they are true. Also, you will be much more successful if you begin with a plan or motivated objective.

  1. Understanding who millionaires are, and where millionaires are
  2. How to meet millionaires and attract their attention
  3. How to date millionaires and keep their attention
  4. How to get the millionaire to commit to marriage

Where are these millionaires anyway? First it’s important to understand the lake in which you are fishing and the number of fish in that body of water:

  • 16% of millionaires inherited their fortunes.
  • 47% of millionaires are business owners.
  • 23% of the world’s millionaires got that way through paid work, consisting mostly of skilled professionals or managers.

Let me give you some research: There is a wide disparity in the estimates of the number of millionaires residing currently in the United States. In 2007 an estimated 16,600,000 dollar millionaires lived in the USA. Of course the market drop in 2008 took a chunk out of this number, but wealth has been in a steadfast climb since that period as people have taken advantage of the down market, waited it out and reinvested at lower rates as they had the opportunity. Those who had the cash accumulated more wealth. Those who owned real estate have had varying returns. Understand this: while millionaires constitute a small percentage of the population, they maintain substantial control over the majority of economic resources.

The number one common factor among millionaires is hard work. After that it is education and smart investing and frugality. These four factors: hard work, education, smart investing and frugality are the top sources of wealth. Inheritance was only 25% in all of these segments.

When you understand who millionaires are and the road they travel, you are more likely to be able to cross that road and reach your millionaire match.

Where are these millionaires and how can you meet them?

Obviously you can meet them on an exclusive dating site like seekingmillionaire.com. There are also many other places to meet millionaires, including right next door as Kiyosaki says. Your best opportunities are in going to places they frequent, such as nice hotels, financial districts, fund raisers, cocktail parties if you can get invited (more tips on that to follow), art auctions, lobby bars at nice hotels, and of course if you can afford it, exotic places. You must find opportunities to cross paths… and never ever judge a book by its cover. Millionaires are often low-profile people who do not want to stand out in every crowd.

Do not look for them in Laundromats, Wallmart, Target or malls. Although you may find thrifty millionaires, be clear if that is the mindset you are looking for. Sorry folks, but there is nothing less fun than a millionaire who continually kvetches about pennies.

Millionaires value their hard-earned money, and although they may lead with their financial accomplishments, they do not respect you disrespecting their efforts. Never act entitled with a millionaire (or anyone for that matter). Learn some basic etiquette if you have not already. I’ll be posting a bit about that soon too.

Learn to finesse two elements: your common traits that align with your millionaire and your differences. Your common traits build rapport, your differences build fascination. It’s about love, sex and money. Your investment in the relationship should have value in the short term and in the long term.

Again, begin with the end in mind: Who are they, where are they (do you need to move or contact out of your state), and how can you cross paths with them? What is it that you really want (how rich is rich enough)? Now visualize this dream and the value—imbed it in your mind and keep it there. You can even write it down and put it in a secret box but make sure you can conjure it up easily.

Seekers, can you share your vision with the group and some steps you are taking to reach your goal?

Millionaires, can you share what would really entertain you and get you bringing your friends to engage on this site with us and more seekers?

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  2. Interesting points. For example I thought that education brings more to the table than hard work.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      No, its slow and steady wins the prize… no get-rich-quick stuff- that leads to easy come easy-go attitudes.

  3. CELINE says:

    Well, I read some profiles of men here and they have great profiles to convince women. For me i am really looking for guy who love me for simply being me. I am not rich but i am an educated woman. I need not see much on their income and the places where they pose but on looks of a man if he is really sincere in searching bec some are very deceiving. I hope my search for my soulmate here will be a success.

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