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The Low-Down on Divorced Millionaire Bachelors



Rupert Murdoch just joined the ranks of eligible millionaire bachelors. Albeit he may be a few years past his prime, but still good for the picking.

Many available millionaires out there will be recently or long-time divorced. Unlike the younger and less experienced marriage-wise, these millionaires have a developed sense of their ideal partners.

Remind Them How Good It Is to Be Single

This may sound counter-productive, but keep in mind these men are practically allergic to women who take “The Old Ball and Chain” to heart. Propose trips to Belize or Antigua where you don’t have to try to be adventurous.

Be Open to Ex-Wife Talk

Unlike regular dating, it is completely acceptable to inquire about ex-wives. Observe how he reacts to the subject. If he gets heated, avoid the subject until he is ready. However, if he seems fine talking about it, then this becomes a valuable tool in understanding him.

Give Them Time

It will be tempting to bust out all your tricks once spotting a millionaire bachelor back on the market. But it is best to give him time to warm up to the millionaire dating pool.

Now that you’re prepped, you can find your millionaire bachelor!

What are other tips for dating millionaire bachelors?

What do you think about divorced millionaires?

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