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The Millionaire Matchmaker: Redefining Success


Falling in love with a millionaire is an easy goal to set, but it’s not something that can be achieved by just anyone. Just like becoming a millionaire isn’t in the stars for everyone, marrying one is almost just as elusive. So we tend to raise an eyebrow at claims by other websites and organizations, like “The Millionaire Club” featured on “The Millionaire Matchmaker”, who boast “99% success rates”. Are wealthy singles really that easy?

As far as we know, Patti Stanger’s televised component has yet to see anyone walk down the aisle, so she must have a pretty loose definition of the word “success”. If a relationship, to her, consists of anything more than one date, then sure, we’d accept that statistic. Unfortunately, most people wouldn’t have that same definition.

If you watch an episode of “Millionaire Matchmaker” today, they have mysteriously altered the statement in the opening credits from a clearly defined percentage to “an extremely high success rate”. But their website goes as far as saying that nearly four out of five men, who use their matchmaking services, find a relationship. They don’t actually go as far as to define “relationship”, so again we can only assume what that means.

But if you want to join a website that charges at minimum, 4 years college tuition (sometimes up to six figures!), for a snarky Jewish woman to come and train you on how to get a first date, then by all means, go ahead. Be any one but yourself, and you too, can trick someone into falling in love with you. But what happens when the cameras stop rolling and she stops feeding you lines?

Most millionaires probably struggle with finding genuine people to surround themselves with already. If they are on a dating site looking for love, that means they haven’t found what they are looking for in their current circles. Even if they don’t know exactly what they want (or what they don’t), they shouldn’t have to put on a show, or worse, be victim to a con artist who is just playing the part.

SeekingMillionaire.com would never advise someone to be anyone but themselves. Love is an equal opportunity emotion, and there is someone out there for everyone. Our site exists because these people are not able to find each other organically. So, we provide the venue to allow wealthy people to meet singles who have similar tastes and lifestyles, and we somehow manage to do it with out charging a small fortune.

SeekingMillionaire.com wants you to find the best possible match, but we also trust you to know yourself better than we do. We aren’t here to rob you, we want you to find love! Would you rather pay the equivalent of a college tuition to have access to a small database of eligible singles? Or would you prefer a broader selection at a much lower cost? Just because something costs more, doesn’t always mean it’s better.

Patti Stanger thinks she knows you better than you do. So if you want to pay a few grand a month, she will personally hand pick a few eligible singles that she thinks would be a good match for you. Just think, if you were able to meet 10 women through Patti, then you would only be paying around $2500 (or more) for each introduction. What a bargain! On SeekingMillionaire.com, we charge $49.95 a month, you do the math.

The Millionaire Club allows all women, or at least those who hire a professional photographer to take their picture, to join for free. They boast over 30,000 single women in their database, and are proud to announce that not a single one of them is a gold digger. In fact, since the company’s inception, they claim to never have had a gold digger. We’d probably argue against that, if that statistic was at all measurable.

SeekingMillionaire.com would never throw a member off our site for being too difficult to match, or for not adhering to our advice. We are here to provide the resources and you can use those tools in whatever way you wish. We don’t promise instant results, we know that finding the right person to share your life with takes time. We aren’t going to close the door on you just because you are skewing our success rate. We can’t say the same for Patti.

What do you think of the Millionaire Matchmaker show on Bravo?

Would you or have you ever used the services of a Millionaire Matchmaker?

7 Responses to “The Millionaire Matchmaker: Redefining Success”

  1. Emily says:

    There probably aren’t a lot of millionaires out there who are eligible, so I suspect landing one as a partner couldn’t be that easy; though, trying doesn’t hurt.

  2. J says:

    Punctuation marks should always be placed within the second quotation mark except for colons and semicolons. Consider revising; the errors make the site look tacky…

  3. Bonnie says:

    I love Patty’s show. I am new to this site and have been communicating with someone I contacted the first week here. It is now the second week and we have had four phone conversations. The match is perfect, all the same habits and interests, but something is telling me to hold up. I am very cautious about internet dating, have learned from my own experiences, and have one simple rule from the start – the gentleman comes to the lady first (and second – I will not go visit him until the third visit). This rule basically gets rid of most of them. (good!)…..so, that’s what is going on with this one – he doesn’t seem to want to budge a centimeter in my direction. And today I felt insulted. I had already explained to him that I do not drive and that I would have to take the bus, take time off work, spend the night at his mercy, etc. He also knows that I make candles and sell them online. So his email says: I love your candles! If you came to see me, I would buy a whole bunch to make it worth your while…..oh no, he didn’t! yes! he did!…..make it worth my while? really? well, then – how about you paypal me some $$$ and I’ll ship you a box, like the rest of those who love my candles do. Really! You think dragging pounds of candles on the bus just so I can sell them to some stranger who wants to get in my pants (and have me trapped at his place overnight) is worth $$$ to me? Did he just call me a hooker?

    The reason I mention this here is because he claims to be in Patty’s club and to be good friends with her. Well, maybe it would be worth his while to give his friend a call so she can discipline him on how to treat a lady (especially one who runs an internet business ~and~ works full time as a waitress). He needs to learn that NO MEANS NO – I will not visit you first!!!!! And that bribing me with a sale? I’m not desperate for sales!…..All I can think: Yuck! NEXT!!!!!

  4. ER says:

    I think it’ a shame and a sad indicator that you waste pixels and virtual column inches on what is essentially ‘knocking copy’ with no real purpose other than slating your competitors. The purpose of this site and the dating search itself is not akin to a political party occupying its time making rhetoric against the ‘opposition’. The whole of your article is nothing more than a smear attempt at a competitor using another arena to promote their own commercial venture in your field, Reading your whines and whinges about them and the content totally skewed towards decying their methods and costs is like hearing a cheap politician’s speech about ‘the other side’.

    I would prefer if you stuck to extolling the positive virtues of your own product without trying to seem holier than thou, as if somehow your competitors are nasty greedy commercial companies and you (SM) are some semi altruistic charitable vocation designed to bring people together with some higher social purpose. You and your competitor both ( though I have not seen this program as I am in Europe ) are two commercial businesses appararently vying for a slice in the same market, nothing more, nothing less. You use different methods and have different pricing for a reason as you provide entirely different levels of service it seems.

    Your article is a piece is biased slanted journalism which while it points out the apparent flaws in your competitor and lambasts them for what you consider excessive pricing does nothing to balance the argument by including the benefits they would claim to include from their more intensive personal service against your more simple website concept. Your customer is getting a cheaper price admittedly but is also doing all the work involved. I am a member of your site and have nothing to do with the competitor and have never before heard about them but this article to me is rather offensive, smug, biased and frankly is little more than an undignified critical attack on a third party business.

    I would prefer if you concentrated on improving how your own business works than ‘slagging off’ your competitors. I am sure than balance could be achieved in an all sides discussion but this is not what you are doing here despite the perfunctory nod towards some user feedback.

  5. Sweet and tough says:


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    I am member of this site and would like to appreciate your challenging mind a little bit more.

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  6. ARC Horllamidey says:

    Yeah I am ready for the challenge

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