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The Mindset in Dating a Millionaire
  • Posted Apr 15, 2013


Time is Money

If you are looking to date a millionaire, know that these men often lead active business lives. Their time is limited, so do not be offended if they cannot fully accommodate to your schedule. If a millionaire is interested, but cannot make it this weekend, don’t take it personally.

It takes much patience and understanding to cope with their schedule—what matters most is that they chose to include you into their already hectic lifestyle.

Challenge Accepted

A man’s success can often intimidate, but never fall for this mind game. The power gained from his status should never make you feel inferior—especially as his girlfriend. Millionaires are in search of their equal, regardless of wealth. If you are unfamiliar with his career, at the very least, challenge him mentally by holding your own in conversations. Is he trying to flirt? Outdo him by playing hard to get. Is he talking about travel? Offer personal anecdotes from your own experiences. By offering more than just your beautiful looks, you will embody the “total package.” This in itself is what every man aspires to date.

Don’t Ask and You Shall Receive

Millionaires are very receptive to “gold diggers.” In other words, women that are only out for their money. If your man asks for your insight or opinion, then you can express yourself honestly. Otherwise, never ask for anything, ever. This rule especially holds true for the beginning stages of your relationship. If you are courteous, polite, and engaging, the spoiling will come naturally. A sense of entitlement is both unattractive and unclassy. The more modest you become, the more likely you will be treated nicely.

What is your mindset in dating a millionaire?

5 Responses to “The Mindset in Dating a Millionaire”

  1. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome on this blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements, but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” section for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!

  2. Victoria says:

    To live is to love …love will live

  3. magna says:

    1.be fun to be around.He will always look forward to being around you after his busy schedule.
    2.Act,dress and talk like a lady.Rich men are generally competitive.He wants someone who is polished and can show off to his friends.
    3.Be confident.

  4. Lana says:

    Second statement is not true, I have never met ( or even seen) any wealthy guy who would want a challenge -this is a huge mistake and I think the reason of my failures. It may sound odd, but all male want one thing is women who keep her mouth shut 24/7 and she can open it only in 1 case – if you want to give him a compliment about himself ( men seems to never get enough of themselves) and this is the only key to anyone’s heart. You should never say your opinion about anything – you should be a ghost who play “always happy and always smiling bimbo kind of girl” – it will give him a sense that he can fool you around every time he can ( while cheating for example – all men love to cheat, I think there is no single men on the planet who never cheated), so if he knows that you are stupid enough so he can bullshit you, he will consider marring you, if he won’t see that in you, he will NEVER NEVER NEVER in lifetime history EVER marry you. And if you want to know if what I say is true – its easy to check and prove – look at the billionaire’s wives and tell me – do you see any charismatic ambitious super brainy and smart leader woman next to billionaire guy who are in marriage for a long time – Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs – what their wives have in common – none of them is supermodel ( why you will ask me, because you always thought that smart successful guys would be attractive for the best, well because – every single male is insecure inside, and they would be afraid that someone else can get attracted by their wives and eventually she will have opportunity to dupe him, so of you girls who tries to look bright – HUGE mistake, they will take “gray mouse chick”, so use no make up or minimum of it, but do go to the gym – cos no one likes fat women), none of them talks much, none of them is charismatic and none of them is ambitious, why? Because those guys like to think that they are special ( even if they never show it), deep inside every single rich person wants to be treated specially, so they don’t need the partner in crime, they need slave, slave that makes them FEEL GOOD about themselves 24/7. So think what you say, you should NEVER say anything bad about anything. You have to imagine that you are Alice in Wonderland and you are surrounded by Wonders around and you are quite blind and deaf to the realty and you would MUST play a SLAVE, that is the price you would have to pay for being married to the rich guy.

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