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The Perks of a Political Affair


Behind closed doors and in the underground rooms of the White House, the President and his mistress satisfy their lust. They can meet only in secret, and are forced to conceal their feelings. Then rumors start to circulate, and a political gossip becomes inevitable. Will they be reprimanded by the American people and scrutinized internationally? Or can a high profile scandal be kept below the mediasphere? Olivia Pope would argue the latter.

It’s a familiar story that describes the affairs of JFK and Marilyn Monroe, as well as Clinton’s (alleged) liaisons with Monica Lewinsky and Elizabeth Hurley. More recently, we are invited into the intimate rendezvous of ABC’s fictional commander in chief, Fitzgerald Grant, and his meddling counterpart, Olivia Pope. The scenario is also exposed in the Netflix hit, House of Cards, with Frank Underwood and a nimble reporter engaging in adultery. But what is the less-recognized reality of a political affair?

While Scandal’s Kerry Washington executes the role as more of a Greek tragedy, the reality of dating a politician has its perks. From fringe benefits like frequent travel to the aphrodisiac of power, the ladies who pair with bureaucrats receive a specific brand of luxury.

We surveyed 1,100 female users on Seeking Millionaire, who reported having had romantic relations with a government official. From what these ladies revealed, the conveniences of a political affair vary, but some things remain consistent. The list we composed is not exclusive, but comprised of the most notable advantages.


“He is so thoughtful.”

The Lavish Gifts

It’s no secret that political figures are well-off financially. How else would they afford those shiny shoes and a plethora of pocket squares? Bribery might be illegal, but that doesn’t prevent politicians from sending gifts to potential allies. This trait is mirrored in dating, and they know exactly how to win favors from their women. There is nothing that pleases a lady more than a little turquoise box or a pair of red bottoms to show his admiration.


“We’re going to Barbados.”

The Travel Opportunities

Clearly, there is a benefits package that comes with a political affair. Whether it’s a congressional convention in D.C., or a charity gala in Sacramento, politicians tend to rack up the miles. There is one essential travel companion that every man needs, and she looks great in couture. The campaign trail can get lonely, so it’s no surprise that the women of political affairs are asked to be arm candy.


“I’m never bored.”

A Busy Social Calendar

With travel comes a full schedule, and with a political affair comes many events. Politicians hardly ever attend events solo. Sixty-two percent of the women interviewed said they attended at least one political function every two months while dating a politician. These functions are only a fraction, since a politician’s busy agenda must be worked around by his lady in waiting, and not vise versa.


“I’ve made so many connections.”

The Networking

Between attending social gatherings and jet-setting, political partners are always in the spotlight. For most of them, public prominence is not only a perk, but an aspiration. It’s no secret that most of these women have political dreams of their own. In fact, 77 percent of women polled had bureaucratic ambitions of their own. What better stepping stone than a stone cold legislative stud?

“I’ve got clearance.”

The Security Access

With great power, comes great privilege. It may not be as momentous as touching the actual Constitution like Olivia Pope, but kept-women of politicians do get restricted access. Becoming friendly with secret service lands these ladies backstage passes to inaugurations, and more importantly, a front row seat at Oscar de la Renta’s fashion show.

Everyone loves to hate political sex scandals, but perhaps some people are a little jealous. Amid dodging muckrakers, the perquisites definitely outweigh the persecution. Perhaps I should attend the next democratic convention in pursuit of a suitor.


Have you ever dated a politician? Was the scandal worth it? Do tell!

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