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The Rules To Being A Modern Gentleman
  • Posted Jun 6, 2014


‘Gentleman’ is a term synonymous with many brands.  Givenchy has coined “Gentlemen Only,” for fragrance purposes, while Jack Daniel’s has began pushing an ambiguous line of whiskey called “Gentleman Jack.”  All of this modern marketing leaves us to question: What are the rules to being a modern gentleman?  Let’s define.

Social Media Neutral

There is no doubt that mystery is sexy on a man. But there is nothing mysterious about someone who posts about their every move. What am I left to wonder?  The modern gentleman keeps all negative social media activity to a minimum.  There will be no subtle tweets, subliminal Instagrams, or hasty Facebook ranting.  The modern gentleman will not be “in a relationship” one day, and “single” the next – his status stays confidential, just like his personal life.  Social media engagement is timely, fun, and used as an optimal form for casual communication, not a forum for debate.

Text Back Promptly

The modern gentleman will not leave you to lingering thoughts for days or weeks; he’ll respond in a timely manner and simply keep you wanting more.  It’s a challenge when there is work to be done, but if he has a spare minute; he’ll text you back.  Even in a negative circumstance, the gentleman will let you down gently and will not take advantage of your time.

Fashion Forward

The modern gentleman is not afraid of experimenting with fashion, but he does appreciate your assistance.  It is partially your job (responsibility shared with GQ magazine) to lead him with his purchases.  This gentleman will accessorize simply with a chronograph watch, sturdy tote or briefcase, and eventually a wedding ring.

The “Gay” Thing

The modern gentleman is not afraid of the gay community, he embraces it.  This man does not use “gay” in a derogatory way and does not call his friends a “fag” when bromancing.  The modern gentleman does not take sexuality into consideration when finding a new friend.


The modern gentleman will RSVP on all occasions.  He will not let invitations go astray, and will respond to each one in a timely fashion.  Ideally, his plus one will always be you or his mother.

The First

The modern gentleman is not hesitant to put himself out there.  The gentleman will be the first to ask you on a date and take initiative when he is truly into you. The modern gentleman will always put his woman first, and more importantly, he will also be the first to express his love.

With the above mentioned in consideration, it is vital that you do accept each gentleman for whom he is, since in this day and age, a gentleman is a rare find.

What are your tips for the modern gentleman?

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