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The Top 3 US Airlines to Find a Millionaire
  • Posted Oct 30, 2013


New member research revealed the top US airline most flown by millionaire bachelors. This year’s winner? American Airlines, whose popularity amongst the one-percent dethroned last years’ top airline, Delta. Over 47,000 eligible millionaires answered the survey, and American topped the list with 30,496 millionaires choosing the once-bankrupt airline:

Top 3 Airlines Traveled by Millionaires in 2013 (According to over 47,000 surveyed):

  1. American Airlines – 30,496
  2. Virgin Airlines – 5,091
  3. Delta Airlines – 4,327

Accordingly, a joint survey with sister website, SeekingArrangement.com, found that 74% of the wealthy men surveyed frequent an airline lounge, 78% are top-tier members of an airline’s mileage program, and 83% of them fly business class frequently:

Travel habits of millionaires (According to over 47,000 surveyed):

  • 73.20 percent traveled alone when flying
  • 65 percent traveled for business this year
  • 31 percent traveled for leisure this year
  • 4 percent traveled for other reasons this year

“Flying coach won’t get you anywhere. Most millionaires will fly business or first class, even if they are traveling for leisure,” says Brandon Wade, who is a top-tier frequent flyer member with Delta, United and American Airlines. “Your best bet is to upgrade, or gain access to the frequent flier lounge.”

What airlines do you fly the most? Which airlines do you fly the least?

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