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The Wine Lover’s Guide to Dating This Fall


Ah, fall. The air is crisp, you can finally wear knee-high boots, and pumpkin spice mania has begun. Fall is a favorite season of mine because you can finally dress is layers and dating becomes more intimate. No longer must you worry about frizzy hair or mascara running down your cheek due to terrible humidity. Nor do you have to walk around half naked in a bikini wondering if he truly likes your brains or your body.

The folks at SeekingMillionaire – all serious winos, thought it would be fun to pair each autumn date idea with a type of wine. So sit back, take a sip and enjoy!

Apple Picking

Although apple picking sounds like the most cliche date for fall, it is still one of the cutest. Grabbing a basket, snapping some Instagram pics and having your date help you up a ladder is beyond romantic, even a cynic could agree. The window for apple picking is a short one, so check your calendars, and get to your nearest orchard!

Plus, the best part is the aftermath. What are you going to do with all those apples? Bake them of course. Think apple pies, apple crisps, apple fritters, and everything in between. It’ll be a great excuse to cuddle on the coach as you wait for your delicious dish to perfectly golden.

Wine Pairing: 2010 Carpe Diem. This light Chardonnay has hints of apple and pear. It will go perfectly with the scrumptious treats you picked!

Haunted Hayride

Nothing is better than being scared; especially if it means that you can fall into the arms of your new fling. If you aren’t up for a haunted hayride you can also do a traditional hayride and pick pumpkins. But that’s only if you are a scaredy cat, and surely you would want to impress your date with your zombie fighting skills. You could get a smooch as a reward!

Wine Pairing: Borjón 2010 Diferente is a Red Zinfandel blend is spicy with subtle hints of cinnamon and blackberry. Yum!

Cozy Campfire

Getting together with friends, or alone if you prefer, and enjoying a bon fire is an ideal autumn night activity. This will bring you back to your high school days. Grab a bottle of vino, some fixings for s’mores and you are set! Now let the conversation and the wine, flow.

Wine Pairing: Atalon 2010 Pauline’s Cuvée, Napa Valley is a Merlot that is sure to keep your warm on a chilly night! And the higher alcohol content of this full-bodied wine is sure to warm you from the inside out.

His and Hers Hike

Hiking when the leaves are changing is nothing short of breathtaking. Get your backpack, fill it with delicious morsels and make your way to the top of a hill. You can cozy up and indulge with your sweetheart. Be careful not to hike too far when drinking though, you could get lost!

Wine Pairing: The Climber Cabernet Sauvignon comes in a 1.5 liter bag. It is tasty and easily transportable for nature enthusiasts. Bonus – bags are made of BPA-free plastic.

Tight End Touchdown!

Tailgating is a great date for a novice couple. It’s a chance to meet your significant other’s friends and see if you jive. Bonus points if you cheer for the same team. Remember to really show your spirit and dress accordingly in team colors.

Wine Pairing: 2005 Saison Des Vins Syrah L’hiver is delicious, light, and fruity. It goes perfectly with any cheeseburger or guacamole combo!

Dating in the fall means a plethora of unique dating opportunities. Find your perfect partner, a bottle of your favorite vino, and have a great time!

What are some of your favorite fall dates and wine pairing?

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