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Think Like A Millionaire: Girls!


You can date the millionaires, but you don’t win unless you think like one!

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: #993300;”>I watched this for the FIRST TIME (seriously) last night. How could so many people be so right about one thing; this is one of the best movies ever! Love conquers all, and it can permeate any barrier whether it be physical or thought-based. Even though I have never had the kind of magic they shared, I felt, and understood what the writer was communicating, and it resonates always — there are only two true constellations in this universe: truth and love. Jack wasn’t rich with money, but rather with spirit, and in that way, he was a millionaire in his own right.

I’ve heard of all these books coming out, such as “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that seem to model a plan to success after the lives of wealthy men. Oh, duh, why didn’t I think of that!?

I have to be honest and say that most millionaires, most of them, are pretty normal people. There are the ones who have a really unusual story, but doesn’t everyone have an “unusual story”… The older you get, the more unusual your story is bound to become. So are we pretending that looking to millionaires for an example of success is something NEW?

Frankly, the first place I look for role models is in places where mostly wealthy and privileged people go; i.e SeekingMillionaire.com. I’m not saying that the money itself is what I go after, in fact, I would much rather do without the classicism. But it’s like this: I like to read, and I like the fact that I like to read, so I will actually make an effort to encourage that habit for myself. Does that mean I’ll go to a book convention that just so happens to cater to very wealthy people? Yes. Should I be shammed for this? No.

I’m not fake. Your not fake. No one’s fake. Why in the hell, or rather, who in the hell started spreading the filthy lie that is; “people are capable of being anything other than human”?

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