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VIDEO: How To Tell If She’s A Gold Digger


In the video, a clever comedian uses humor (and terrible fashion choice) to expose how some women will literally give their love to the highest bidder. Funny as it is a lot of women will base their decision on whether or not to date a man strictly for his bank account.

On our site, gold diggers are strictly prohibited. If you’re successful, you want to date quality women who can add value to your life–not depreciate it. Ladies, if you want to know if you are a good match for the successful men, consider what your first and second reaction to the pick-up line would have been.

This will be the first of a series of gold digger blogs we plan to post to help daters spot gold diggers.

What did you think of this video?
Ladies, what was your first and second reaction?

3 Responses to “VIDEO: How To Tell If She’s A Gold Digger”

  1. Anon says:

    The girl has horrible fashion sense too. I think they would be a good match, but if I were the girl, I would have said no even after seeing the car. He just doesn’t seem very bright.

  2. loyalto the boss says:

    this is a sugar daddy/baby site!!!
    looking for cues if she is a gold digger sounds like a stupid comment in it’s self !lol lol lol.
    how ridiculous!
    money is 50 if not 90 percent of why the women are on this site, i am just honest enough to say it, and if a woman with her puffed up prided claims otherwise,she is lying!if she comes from money, she will just say it in a more fancy glittery way, PERIOD.
    my parents have money ,and live in what i believe the corny side of town, and are probably neighbors with half the millionaires on this site, but that has nothing to do with me as a woman, what woman wouldn’t want to be spoiled and date a rich man, a dumb one, THIS girl is just smart enough to be honest and i know what i want… now if we are talking about greed! …
    then i agree,you must work hard! you have to be educated it is mandatory to chase your dreams, you MUSThave some sort of goals for yourself as a modern woman, especially in 2013!
    But otherwise MEN please please don’t lie to yourself!
    it’s about MONEY MONEY MONEY AND FOR ME specificlly…
    LOTS OF MONEY AND MENTORSHIP i love a man who wants to teach me something and make me a little more like him, even if it is temporary.
    let’s make it hot while it lasts.

  3. Jeff says:

    This is a lovely blog post, I hate gold diggers! >:}

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