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Wealthy Women on Film
  • Posted Sep 16, 2014


Having money is exciting, but having too much of it can make you act a bit zany. Sure, we’ve seen the Kardashians document what it can be like to be 2014’s version of the Joneses, but reality television often overlooks some of the day-to-day challenges a wealthy women may face. Here are three films that display a clear, yet entertaining, view of some of the struggles female millionaires may face.

The Last Weekend

Patricia Clarkson plays an affluent matriarch named Celia, who gathers her modern and dysfunctional family at their luxurious Lake Tahoe home for one final weekend before the house is sold for downsizing purposes. The Last Weekend highlights the sometimes-pain in large social gatherings, financial stress, and family dynamic. Unfortunately, Celia is constantly questioning her role and worth in her four-person family. The Last Weekend is an excellent and relatable film for any successful individual who has struggled with “keeping it together” at all times.

Blue Jasmine

A dark comedy, Blue Jasmine is the ultimate for any viewer that loves a comedic #richpeopleprobs struggle. Jasmine is ejected from her once-grand lifestyle and pushed into an unfamiliar territory of the common folk. Although the storyline may sound all too common, Blue Jasmine highlights mental illness, financial fraud, and heartbreak. If you’re looking for a light, yet intriguing laugh, Blue Jasmine can perfectly pair with a cold glass of Chardonnay.

 Grey Gardens

Like a fine wine, Grey Gardens can be an acquired taste. First a documentary created in 1975, then dramatized in a 2009 television movie starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore, the story told in both films leaves many viewers in shock and disbelief.  The mother and daughter portrayed were cousins to Jacqueline Kennedy but their eccentricities led to their living in squalor in the upper-class East Hamptons. Both the documentary and the dramatic film are uniquely hilarious and sad. Although Grey Gardens may not be a direct reflection of millionaires in 2014, its honest depiction of a fortune lost has resulted in a cult following.

What is your favorite wealthy woman film?

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