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Wedding Cake for Thought- Thoughts From Sarah


(I think this is one cute cake! Would you call it ‘Maude’?)

Should I think about the Cake before it’

s baked?

I just finished reading “The Secret”, and I’m pretty convinced that my positive thinking should have some work done.

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sarah, and I joined SeekingMillionaire.com a couple weeks ago.

Yes, I’m real. I’ll be popping in on this blog with some of my murmurings as they come (and when they actually have something to do with millionaire dating).

OK, now back to my ‘think about the cake first’ idea. “The Secret” is pretty much about using positive thinking, or just ‘thinking’ to make things happen in your life. Notice how I didn’t say “make only good things happen in your life”, because the truth is, thinking about ANYTHING- good or bad- will cause things to happen in your life…good or bad.

So in relating this to my millionaire dating life, I’ve thought about making a ‘Vision Board’ (something the book highly recommends) with pictures of my wedding cake and man of my dreams; hopefully this will put enough sub-conscience positive thought about my SUCCESS in finding the right man to help my dream come true.

Oh, and for those wondering how I got this gig: I wrote into the site and asked if I can contribute (for free) and they were happy to allow me this forum. Please, please don’t assume I have perfect grammar or won’t stray off subject now and then— it’s hard to separate your dating life from your everything else life sometimes.

Does anyone have any thoughts about my ‘millionaire match vision board’? Be honest if you think it’s silly.

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